Marketing Specialist ILT



Course Overview

Marketing is a dynamic business discipline that impacts most aspects of business. Marketing helps define your organization ‘s brand, public image, and reputation. It also helps guide how your employees engage with your customers and how your clients perceive your company. In today’s entirely networked world, your organization’s identity is exposed at all times, across multiple media channels. Successful marketing professionals must understand the entire marketing land­ scape and deliver effective, cohesive messages. They must be skilled at using both traditional and digital strategies to create effective marketing campaigns. Top marketing professionals employ cre­ ativity, flexibility, and attention to fine details to become best-in-class in their field.

In this course, you will learn the required skills to help define your organization’s marketing strate­ gies. We will review the most current marketing best practices and explor e the mechanics for de­ livering marketing suppo rt . Also, a portion of this course will help you develop the essential work­ place skills you need to accomplish your daily responsibilities and achieve long-term career suc­ cess. These skills include communication dynamics, professionally interacting with co-workers, contributing to teams, and maintaining professional ethics.

The course is designed to prepare learners for the SN Certified Marketing Specialist test and earn the designation, Certified Marketing Specialist, SN-MS. The goal is for the learner to be job-ready for an

entry level position in marketing.

High Level Learning Objectives

The course establishes the foundation for all career competencies and skills across the primary categories. You will:

  • Demonstrate understanding of marketing strategy, the marketing cycle, and perfor- mance metrics to fulfill your role as market- ing specialist.
  • Define and use the primary marketing elements, including brand management, demand generation, marketing collateral, and trade shows.
  • Define and use the primary digital market- ing elements, including web design, digital communications, content, and social media. Demonstrate understanding and explain marketing campaign analytics — how to monitor, measure, and report to make recommendations for future campaigns.
  • Demonstrate marketing mechanics proficien- cy to develop effective marketing materials and campaigns to — support sales, attract and keep customers, reinforce the brand, and meet business objectives.
  • Define and use the tools of the trade. Demonstrate professional workplace behaviors and interpersonal skills.

Career Certification Test

The SN certification test addresses 40 core competencies and 89 skills necessary for success as a Marketing Specialist as defined by the SN International Career Standards Advisory Board.

The test questions are organized into multiple different test forms of sixty (60) questions each. The test questions are shuffled for each test session such that the test questions are presented in a different sequence for each test taker.

Candidates have up to seventy-five (75) minutes to complete the test. The minimum passing score is 75%. SN Authorized Instructors need to achieve a minimum passing score of 85%.

The SN Marketing Specialist certification test is weighted as follows:

Category Weight

1 – Marketing Strategy and Concepts 10%

2 – General Marketing Basics 35%

3 – Digital Marketing Basics 35%

4 – Workplace Essentials 20%


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